From the information available from compost empirics, we designed a project to produce the first compost-making unit of its kind in Colombia, which allows users to dispose organic waste in a sustainable manner, with several benefits.

We have a value proposal that includes:

  • Research and development of a system: automatic unit for processing and compost production, connected to the cloud, which also includes software that includes machine learning and big data, allowing the process to be improved with each cycle of composting.
  • Development of data tables from scientific experiments that are used as a basis and reference for the automatic control of the composting process.
  • Serial manufacturing of composting systems.

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  1. buenas tardes. estas unidades de producción de compost, sirven para convertir la elodea en alimento para animales, (ganado, cerdos, animales de corral). Espero su respuesta, y sustentación técnica, gracias.

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