Ackadia is a Colombian company in the agribusiness sector that has dedicated its efforts to good environmental practices for the production of compost from organic waste, care of the land and the production of organic food of high free nutritional value of chemical contaminants.

We believe that the agricultural sector in Colombia had the time to have a technological insertion that allows to improve traditional agroindustrial processes, which allow a notable increase in the efficiency of the production and management of the land, as well as the best use of organic waste and its Inclusion in the food production chain.

What Do We Do

Ackadia is an enterprise that plans to build an automatic, autonomous and intelligent compost production system, through the integration of materials, control systems and software, which once put together will allow managing the entire life cycle of organic waste to be transformed into fertilizer.

This intelligent system will revolutionize the traditional way of composting since being highly efficient and producing the best possible fertilizer quality will generate a sustainable ecosystem in agriculture.

How do We do it

In order to offer and execute this system, Ackadia frames its initial activity in a project with a clear guideline to plan, design, investigate, build and document the manufacturing process of the prototype.

We have merged the knowledge of the professionals of the field (farmers, agronomists, businessmen of the field, among others) with the academy and its scientific base, which, supported by advanced electronic and computer systems, are responsible for controlling and documenting the super compost production processes.

Why We do it

We are in love with the earth, soil, water and air and we are convinced that if we do not change the way we cultivate, treat, consume and manage the way we produce our food and waste generated by humans, we are accelerating the process of degradation of productive soil with consequences in the quality of food.

The COMPOSTAINER, because it is designed to achieve all these purposes, offers an opportunity for the development of the agricultural area and a solution to the problem of garbage in the cities.